Five Ways to Find Out if Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets

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If you are going through a Florida divorce and believe your spouse could be hiding assets, then it is important to not automatically assume your divorce attorney will look for hidden assets. You must be proactive in this situation.

Inform your divorce attorney that you suspect assets are being hidden. Never take your spouse’s word that they are not. Read More

Where Does Florida Alimony Reform Stand?

Florida’s alimony reform movement has persisted for the past six years. Unfortunately, the battle to reform alimony in our state has affected c of Florida spouses. Specifically, wives who were in long-term marriages and “homemakers” are now in their 50s and 60s. 

Since these women often spent decades supporting their husbands’ education and careers, they missed many of their own career and educational opportunities. After years of tending to homes, children, and marriages, these women could be left in dire financial situations if alimony reform in Florida passes. This is because reform would end to their monthly alimony payments.    Read More

Divorcing a Military Spouse in Florida

The process of getting a divorce in Florida is never an easy one and it often requires excellent representation from a knowledgeable attorney. This situation is even more important when one or each of the spouses involved in the marriage is associated with the United States military.

There are additional concerns and different ways that situations such as the dividing of a pension may be handled in a military divorce and this is why it is imperative to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible about your situation.

In the best case scenario, you would reach out to a Florida divorce attorney who has experience with military divorce as soon as possible. There are other concerns that are unique to the military and the spouse that a civilian divorce will encounter.

In the event that you are married to someone in the military, it is essential that you understand these issues in order to be prepared for the divorce procedures.

Some of the unique aspects include retirement division, light off-duty compared with pay for active duty, benefits for health services for the children and the spouse, jurisdiction, calculation of support payments, relocation, pushing off the divorce proceedings in the event that there are orders for outside training or deployment.

Jurisdiction Issues

One of the most challenging aspects of a military divorce has to do with deciding the best place to file. The majority of states have exceptions in terms of residency requirements in the event that the divorce includes an active duty personnel.

Members of the military as well as spouses should also think about filing for divorce in a state where they maintain permanent residence, a place in which they most recently lived as spouses or the state where they own property.

Retirement plans are obviously a serious concern and one that is especially important in military divorces. In order to qualify to get retirement pay out of the military, he or she must be married for at least 10 years and during this time period, this must also overlap the military member’s contracts.

Speaking to a lawyer at the outset can help to illuminate whether or not you are eligible to get any part of the retirement. The duration of the marriage is primarily the biggest issue that plays into the benefits a military spouse may be able to receive from the retirement.

Health Benefits for The Children and Spouse

So long as a parent is a military member, then health insurance is covered  by the military at no extra cost. Usually there are no copays needed for this, however. Long-term health benefits may also be offered to service members who give at least 20 years of their life to military service.


Permanent change of station is a major issue for military members, many of whom do not have the luxury of choosing where they want to go, which can add additional stress during divorce proceedings.

Temporary relocation request should be shared within 30 days of filing and and then again within 90 days of filing total. This means that it is possible to obtain a court’s determination prior to relocating.

Delaying Divorce for Deployment or Training Read More

Date Night Might Protect You from Getting a Divorce

Getting a Divorce in Florida

When problems begin to emerge in your relationship and you notice that trust or communication is starting to erode, it’s likely that you’ll take steps to bring you and your spouse back together.

Many couples who have made the commitment and already walked down the aisle want to work hard to fix any problems as soon as possible after they emerge. A new study shows that one thing you can do to help minimize your chances for  a divorce and support a stronger relationship is to engage in date night.

This study argues that married couples who go on regular dates are often happier and less likely to break up. Going to the theater, going to a restaurant, going to a sporting event can help keep the spark alive. The study looked at married couples who had a monthly date night and determined that these individuals were 14% less likely to divorce, if they made use of regular date night.

Famous couples including Barack and Michelle Obama also use the date night concept in the midst of busy schedules. It might be difficult to figure out how to incorporate date night into your regular rotation, but it could help to support communication between both parties and to determine if the two of you are going in different directions.

One of the most common reasons for marital breakdown in Florida has to do with couples that feel as though they have grown apart. Making the effort to communicate with one another over a regular date night can lead to some extremely valuable conversations and help both parties identify if they are still on the same page and working towards the same life goals.

When a relationship begins to break down, it is likely that this date night could also help to point out the key differences between the two parties and allow meaningful conversations to happen about next steps. For example, keeping in touch regularly may illuminate you to the need to legally separate or file for divorce.

Unfortunately, some couples who attempt date night couple’s counseling and other methods to save their marriage may find that it is unsuccessful. After making the valiant effort, it is time to reconsider your options and determine how much an unhappy marriage is influencing your life today.

If you determine that it is necessary to move forward with a legal separation or divorce, hiring a right attorney can make a big difference.

Setting up a meeting now and bringing a list of your questions as well as any issues you anticipate is the best way to decide whether it’s time to file for divorce. Knowing that you have options and having an attorney you can trust are two important components to consider as you decide whether or not to file for divorce.

Florida law has specific rules about how key issues in divorce are decided and being aware of these rather than relying on the input of family and friends or things you read online is well worth your time.

Setting up an initial consultation with a Florida divorce attorney gives you the chance to better understand how Florida law operates and the steps that you can take to protect yourself.

The right lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of your case and can also become a crucial component of your support system as you navigate through the complex web of divorce.

Divorce does not always have to be difficult or stressful, but you should take every step possible to minimize these stressful or anxiety provoking repercussions in your life. Finding the right lawyer is strongly recommended in this situation.

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Consult with an Expert Florida Divorce Attorney today Read More

Study Shows: Marriage Can Help Keep Your Weight in Balance

Some of the most prominently studied aspects of American society today are what causes divorce and how to successfully lose and keep weight off.

A new research study identified that marriage may be essential for helping to keep weight off, according to a project managed by Yokohama City University in Japan.

If you’re thinking about getting a divorce in Florida, you need the insight of a lawyer. A lawyer can help you figure out what you need to do next.

Can Marriage Help You Maintain Your Weight More Effectively?

The research project showed individuals with type-2 diabetes and determined that single patients had twice the risk of being overweight when compared with those who were already married.

The research study looked at 270 patients with an average age of 65, diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. Men in particular, seemed to benefit the most from marriage.

What the Study Found

The study identified that men were 58% less likely to have a condition known as metabolic syndrome. Some of the risks associated with metabolic syndrome include high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Men who live with their spouse had a risk reduction of approximately 58% from metabolic syndrome.

Being single, however, was a major risk factor for metabolic syndrome and overweight status, particularly among men. Research studies in the past have identified that the timing of a marriage can also influence obesity.

Individuals who receive their college degree before getting married are much less likely to face obesity than those individuals who get married prior to their graduation date, according to research published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

When Marriage Helps or Hurts Your Health

Marriage offers many positive health benefits when both parties inside the marriage are happy. Unfortunately, if the marriage begins to break down this can put undue stress of one or both parties and even trickle into other family members including children.

This is why it is essential to consider all of your options when thinking about whether it is a good idea to stay married to someone when there are significant struggles.

In many cases, for individuals who are thinking about getting a divorce in Florida, they have tried multiple avenues to rectify the situation and support their loved one prior to moving forward with a separation or divorce.

It can be difficult to accept that one or both parties in the marriage have changed so much that it is time to consider divorce. However, there are certain situations where it simply makes more sense to move forward with a divorce and allow individuals time to heal. Staying in an unhealthy marriage is bad for both parties as well as any involved children.

What to Keep in Mind When Contemplating Florida Divorce

It can be tricky to think about all the issues that will need to be decided by the Florida courts if you decide to move forward with divorce, but it is strongly recommended that you do this sooner rather than later.

Consulting with an attorney can help you make an informed decision about your future so that you feel confident about your ability to move on as an individual.

Speaking with a lawyer can help you understand the ways that your case will likely unfold in the Florida courts and give you some peace of mind that you have an advocate on your side looking at all of the critical legal issues to represent your best interest from the moment you hire the attorney.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Florida Divorce

If you have further questions about getting divorced in Florida and how this might impact your life going forward, reach out to an experienced Florida divorce attorney immediately.

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Don’t Wait Contact An Expert Florida Divorce Attorney Today

Finding the right lawyer can seem challenging, but partnering with someone who has had success helping other clients and someone who is committed to understanding your individual needs can be very beneficial. Find the right lawyer to help you today.

Learn more about some omf the most common health issues that influence people who are going through a divorce: Read More

What to Consider When Deciding Between a Bad Marriage and Getting a Divorce

Getting Divorce

It’s never easy to contemplate the short term and long term implications of ending your marriage.

But there are certain situations where it’s a better outcome to get divorced than to stay in a toxic or bad relationship.

When you’re thinking about getting a divorce, or working through your own feelings when your spouse has decided to end the marriage themselves, it is easy to focus on all the major ways that this will change your life.

Many people have a stigma associated with divorce and believe that it will be challenging for them to move on financially, emotionally or even physically.

While these concerns are certainly understandable, and part for the course when you’re going through all the emotional changes associated with a divorce, this is not the end of the world.

There are several different reasons why it can be beneficial to ultimately decide to divorce.

It might take some time for the wounds to heal, but a healthier single life may be better for you than a toxic relationship. Calling a Melbourne divorce attorney might be your best next step.

Being a Single Parent May Be Challenging but Can Still Be Better Than Modelling an Unhealthy Marriage Read More

Difficult Divorce? How to Make a Challenging Divorce Easier on Your Children


Although arriving at the decision to get divorce is never an easy one, it can be one that is made more simply when you have already consulted with a Melbourne family attorney. One of the primary concerns for many individuals going through a divorce in Florida is how it will effect on children.

There are strict Florida laws about decisions related to child custody and child support along with other regulations spanning a broad range of divorce concerns, such as division of property and spousal support.

To the best extent possible, being able to work together with your former spouse to alleviate concerns associated with your children can make the transition easier for your children.

It’s important to remember that first of all, divorce is always going to be hard on the children and as you likely already know, different personalities and ability to adapt between your children may show that some of your children are more resilient than others.

Support Your Children

The most important thing for parents to keep in mind is that they are still role models for the kids regardless of your child’s resiliency or his or her age.

Setting a good example by continuing to cooperate with the other parent and showing that you are at a basic level most concerned with your own children’s needs, can make this process that much easier.

Being sensitive to when issues have escalated to the point of requiring additional help in the form of a therapist, for example, can help you minimize problems associated with adjustment. Many children will struggle with all the changes in their life after a divorce.

Help Manage a Consistent Schedule

In addition to trying to comprehend what it means that their patents are no longer together, children may have to adapt to new schedules, living in a new house or possibly even going to a new school district.

Bear in mind that even as you are struggling with the emotional impact of getting a divorce, your children will also likely struggle with all of these changes in their life.

Where possible, attempt to keep as many of the schedules and structures that your child already has in place when going through a divorce.

Remember, Don’t Force Kids to Choose Sides

Another good approach to dealing with a divorce and supporting your children is to keep in mind that there are no sides.

Even though you may have your own emotional interpretation of what happened between you and your spouse, from your child’s perspective he or she may see that you are both in the wrong.

This is true even if one parent seems to have precipitated the divorce action. You need to remember that it does not do any good to continue speaking negatively about your former spouse or trying to win your child over by buying him or her off, all lead to problematic outcomes.

These actions can actually destroy trust and ramp up the drama between you and your former spouse.

With so much already going on, it is best to work with your former spouse to talk about the best way that both of you can continue to support your children even during this challenging time.

What to Do If You’re Contemplating Divorce

If you are thinking about divorce, one of the most important things you can do to protect your interests and to consider how this may impact you and your children over the long run, is to set up a meeting with a Melbourne family lawyer.

Divorce is never easy, especially for children, but it might still be the better outcome if you and your spouse are unable to get along at all.

Over time, the emotional impacts of the divorce may fade for your children, but staying in an unhappy marriage can lead to more damage.

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Research Study Highlights What Americans Have to Say About Divorce Ideation

Divorce Ideation

Have you ever entertained the idea of divorce? Is it possible that it’s crossed your mind more than once? If so, you’re not alone, and a new study is exploring this concept of divorce ideation and how it relates to your marriage ending.

If you’re thinking about getting a divorce, talk to a Melbourne divorce attorney.

Stability and change are both important components of how your marriage evolves over time.

You may be feeling as if there are some days when it seems like it’s all going to work out, but yet there are others where the fighting or the distance between you and your partner is unbearable, leading you to think about contacting a Florida divorce attorney.

According to the organization Family Studies, a national survey of more than 3,000 married people between the ages of 25 and 50 across the United States shares more information about how people think about divorce.

This research was part of the National Divorce Decision Making project, asking questions about divorce ideation.

Divorce ideation refers to the process of what people are thinking about as well as doing when they contemplate getting a divorce.

In addition to the survey, 30 respondents participated in in-depth interviews to reveal further information about divorce ideation.

Within the survey of the 3,000 individuals, 20 percent of the sample had thought about divorce at some point in the past, although not recently.

About 90 percent of the individuals who had been considering divorce did know that they were glad they had still stayed together.

It’s important to know, however, that individuals who did get divorced were not included in this survey.

The survey also identified that an additional 25 percent of married people reported that they had thought about divorce in the last six months.

The team of researchers grouped individuals who had thought about divorce in last six months into three primary categories of serious, conflicted, and soft thinkers.

Serious Thinkers

Serious thinkers were classified as those individuals who thought about divorce on a more frequent basis.

The most common reason for thinking about divorce in this sub-category of respondents had to do with connection issues – feeling as though their relationship has simply lost its passion.

Only a small percentage of individuals in this category, however, were thinking about terminating the marriage and the majority of individuals in this situation were struggling with what was the most appropriate step to take next.

Conflicted Thinkers

Only 2 percent of survey respondents who had thought about divorce in the last six months were identified as conflicted thinkers.

These were the individuals who had the most intense problems in their marriage.

One third of these individuals said they were done with the marriage completely, although this group also had the highest scores in the whole project related to how much hope they had for their relationship.

Soft Thinkers

About half of the individuals who had thought about divorce in the six months prior to participating in the survey were classified as soft thinkers.

The problems in their marriages were not that serious and were fewer overall when compared with their cohorts.

These individuals were also the group who had the most commitment to working hard to improve the marriage in order to minimize divorce risks.

They were also very hopeful about their future and had good clarity over the direction their relationship was headed.

What Does Divorce Ideation Mean for You?

If you have recently been thinking about divorce and weighing out your options, unfortunately there is no easy solution to this scenario.

Speaking with a Florida divorce attorney may be one way to learn more about the process and determine if it is most appropriate for you because it is likely that you have many questions about what to do next.

The ultimate decision regarding whether or not you should file for divorce or initiate a separation is up to you, but speaking with an attorney can help you work through it.

Call Right Now for Help to Melbourne Divorce Attorney

Relying on your support system of family, friends, and your Melbourne divorce attorney can help you get through this challenging period if you ultimately decide that filing for divorce is the next step to take. Talk to an expert Today at 321-253-3771.

Do you still have questions about divorce in Melbourne? Get the answers to the four most commonly-asked divorce questions by reading this blog: Read More

Can You Continue Running a Business Together after Divorce?

Melbourne Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is a split in nearly every sense of the word. You and your spouse must divide up your household, your assets, and even your time with your children. It’s not an easy transition.

Divorce can be even more complicated and difficult when you and your spouse own a business together.

For some couples, splitting up the business is just as traumatic as ending their marriage, which leads some people to question whether you really need to divide it at all.

You may wonder if you can keep working with your ex, even after you have gone your separate ways.

If your divorce involves business assets, a Melbourne divorce lawyer can help you figure out your next steps.

Is It Possible to Keep Your Business Together When Your Marriage Falls Apart?

Just because your marriage ends doesn’t necessarily mean your family-owned business has to undergo the upheaval of the divorce process.

About 65 percent of American businesses are family-owned, which means a fair percentage are also run by husbands and wives.

A 2007 survey by the Census Bureau showed 1.4 million businesses in the U.S. were jointly operated by married partners.

If you and your spouse both work in the business, it may be possible for you to continue your jobs even as you end your marriage.

Normally, business assets in a divorce are divided just like any other assets. Depending on whether the business is a marital asset or a separate asset, it will either be awarded to one spouse or divided equitably between the spouses.

In nearly all divorce cases, it’s also important to conduct a proper and thorough valuation of the business.

If your divorce includes a business asset, your lawyer should have extensive experience handling these types of assets.

It’s a probably a good idea to perform a business valuation regardless of whether you and your spouse intend to split up the business or keep it intact and continue running it together.

Your Business: Making It Work after Divorce

If you have decided to end your marriage, but you wish to continue working as business partners with your future ex, there are a few things to consider.

  • Determine whether you trust your spouse to be honest about finances
  • Decide whether you can truly be neutral as you continue running the business
  • Make sure you can handle the emotional strain of working with a former spouse
  • If your spouse is technically your boss, make sure you’re okay remaining his or her subordinate in the workplace
  • Read More

    3 Things You Should NOT Do After a Divorce

    Divorce Lawyers

    Deciding to get a divorce in Florida is a difficult decision. More often than not, when a divorce is over, many think they can do and act however they want. But the truth is, how you handle your divorce after the process and proceedings are over could have a significant impact on your ability to move on with your life.

    Although it can be tempting to lapse into these bad behaviors, they can be very damaging for your ability to achieve closure with the marriage and get back on the road of life and head for a successful future.

    Check out this interesting news story to learn more.

    Read on to learn more about what you should avoid after a divorce.

    Check Your Spouse’s Activity on Social Media

    Regardless of how long ago you decided to divorce, it can be tempting to look up to see what your ex spouse is up to. This can be really tempting if you’re in the midst of a child custody battle and want to see whether or not your children are being involved in your former spouse’s life post-decree.

    While a lot of social media makes it quite easy to see where people are at and what they’re up to, this doesn’t serve any positive psychological purpose.

    Instead, it can trigger a lot of devastating emotions and can cause a lot of unnecessary tension, making it even more difficult for you to move on with your own life.

    Social media can also be more difficult for you to manage, too, since the emotional challenges you’re experiencing make you likely to share personal details you otherwise wouldn’t. In this scenario, you should resist the temptation.

    It’s much healthier if you can take a clean break from social media. Uninstall the applications from your phone and focus on you and your life in the present. When some of the initial emotions about the divorce have passed, consider getting back online.

    Beating Yourself Up Emotionally

    In the aftermath of divorce, it’s easy to write off spending too much time thinking about the end of the marriage as something that’s only negative.

    The reality is that it depends on how you frame your thinking. It’s natural to experience a broad range of emotions after a divorce, and allow yourself to work through them can be beneficial for your healing.

    Rather than beating yourself up for the end of the marriage, however, ask yourself some important questions:

  • When did you realize that you and your spouse were headed for a divorce?
  • How has the end of the marriage influenced your general feelings about relationships?
  • What qualities and habits are you hoping for in a new partner?
  • Read More