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Child Support Lawyers MelbourneWhen you have children, your main concerns are making sure they are safe, happy, and healthy. A divorce can throw anyone’s lifestyle into financial turmoil. For a child, this instability can take a toll in many different ways, including emotionally, mentally, and physically.

As a parent, it can be unbelievably difficult to watch a child suffer during the divorce process. Many parents count on child support to keep their children’s lifestyle intact as much as possible.

That is exactly what it is designed to do. At the Law Office of Jeffrey Thompson, we start by educating our clients about family support and how it is calculated. Whether you are just starting the divorce process, or you need to modify an existing support order, we are here to make sure the support you pay or receive is fair, reasonable, and put in place for the well-being of your children.

We help families in a full range of child support cases, including:

  • Negotiating child support during divorce
  • Resolving child support disputes
  • Enforcing existing child support orders
  • Modification of child support
  • Uncovering concealed assets and income

Child Support in Florida

In the state of Florida, child support is calculated using several factors, which include:

  • The number of children involved
  • The parents’ incomes
  • Any overdue child support
  • Health care costs
  • Child care costs

Every family is unique, and arriving at a figure isn’t always as straightforward as you might think. In some cases, it’s necessary to factor in the cost of private school tuition, special needs, and extraordinary health care expenses.

The Purpose of Child Support

Child support is designed to ensure that children of a divorce will be cared for and supported even after the divorce is final. For a child, stability and routine are key to thriving after divorce. According to one study, adequate resources, such as food, safe housing, and social support, are one of the cornerstones of a well-adjusted childhood.

Children don’t need an extravagant lifestyle to thrive, but they do need to have the staple items of everyday life, including food to eat, clothes to wear, and a comfortable place to live. This is what child support is supposed to provide. Child support lawyers Melbourne can help you.

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As an experienced family law attorney, it’s my job to make sure my clients and their children are treated fairly when it comes to enforcing child support. I represent both parents in both divorce and enforcement cases.

My overarching goal is making sure my clients and their children get the results they need to live comfortably, and remain free of any impediments that stand in the way of their important relationships.

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