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melbourne matrimonial law attorney

Serving Brevard County With Over 35 Years of Matrimonial Law Experience

If you need help navigating the complex laws that govern Florida divorces, our divorce attorney, Jeffrey Thompson can help. We represent clients with uncontested divorces and contested divorces. Our dedicated attorney is here to explain your legal options and answer all your questions. ​


We understand that divorces can be emotionally trying, which is why we strive to make the process as easy as possible on you and your family ― making every effort along the way to minimize your costs and avoid unnecessary fights. However, we also recognize that amicable resolutions are not always feasible, which is when our divorce attorney’s litigation experience becomes invaluable.​


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Experience Matters – and Can Make All the Difference

The Law Office of Jeffrey Thompson has over 35 years of experience representing individuals with matrimonial law cases. 

Our Melbourne matrimonial law practice includes representation in all areas, including:

A Melbourne Matrimonial Law Attorney You Can Trust

If you are looking for legal guidance or representation through your divorce or alimony support law matter in Florida, then give us a call today. 

We will take the time to listen to your divorce matter and situation, and will be dedicated to representing your case in a manner that is goal-oriented and that reaches your desired legal outcome.

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