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Melbourne Spousal Support Lawyer

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Spousal support, also known as alimony, is arguably one of the most misunderstood areas of family law.

In reality, spousal support is not a punishment for the spouse who must pay it. In the same regard, it is not meant to be a windfall for the spouse who receives it.

Spousal support is designed to make sure a financially disadvantaged spouse is not left in a drastically reduced financial position following a divorce.

Regardless of popular belief, spousal support is not reserved exclusively for women. For example, if a husband worked while his wife attended college, or sacrificed the opportunity to advance his career in order to stay home with young children, then he may be entitled to spousal support.

Spousal Support in Florida

Florida law provides many different arrangements for spousal support. Depending on the facts of your case, you may be entitled to receive one of the following types of spousal support:

Bridge-the-gap. One spouse receives support during the transition from marriage to single life. This type of support must not exceed two years, and typically cannot be modified once it is put into place.

Rehabilitative. Rehabilitative support is designed to assist the recipient spouse in obtaining the training or skills necessary to become self-supporting. This may mean pursuing education or new training.


Durational. In this kind of arrangement, a recipient spouse receives financial support for a limited period of time.

Permanent. In some cases, a recipient spouse may never be able to become self-supporting, due to age, disability, or some other circumstance. These cases usually involve long-term marriages, which is defined as a marriage of 17 years or longer.

Spousal support can be complicated by extenuating factors, such as a chronic illness, one party’s remarriage or long-term relationship, or a significant change in circumstances for one or both ex-spouses.

In divorces that involve significant assets or a business, spousal support can be a challenging issue to resolve. 

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